toddle1Toddler Program

A carefully prepared Toddler environment has been designed for the young child ages 18 months to 36 months. This environment has been created in a “home like” atmosphere where the children can move about, freely engaging in purposeful activities. There has been a curriculum created just for their inquisitive minds that will foster enrichment in the areas of language, math, science, geography and history. The children will also receive group time involvement in large body movement, eye hand coordination, art, sensory stimulation, practical life skills, singing, stories, and music. A snack is provided in both the morning and afternoon session. Weather permitting; the children will spend time outside each day on a well-planned playground. Those children participating in the all-­day program will have a quiet nap time in the afternoon hours , should they need it. Toilet training is also worked on during the year in preparation for transition into the Early Childhood Program.KateWaterJug

Toddler Staff

Ms. Missi Wilson
Ms. Missi Wilson
Early Childhood Paraprofessional
Ms. Melissa, or as your children call her, Ms. Missi, has dedicated her life to the education and well being
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